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  1. StrongFirst

    Kettlebell [NEW ONLINE COURSE] Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

    Ladies and gentlemen, Kettlebell Simple & Sinister, the training program that has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, is finally available as an online course. Watch a top quality instructional video featuring StrongFirst Certified Instructors @Pavel Macek and @Justyna...
  2. Abishai

    Bodyweight Pavel's bodyweight training

    Anyone know if Pavel has any non-minimalistic Bodyweight reccomendations? I mastered the Naked Warrior and I want a more comprehensive Bodyweight program. Im a Kavadlo Bros/Convict conditioning guy but, as a Pavel fanatic ,I want to know his opinions on Calithstenics Thanks
  3. Kettlebell Kettlebell Swing Enhancer? Thoughts On This Unpopular Exercise

    In 'Beyond Bodybuilding' Pavel mentions the 'Hip Pull-Through' as being a fantastic exercise for glutes/deadlifts. Where can i find more info about this exercise? Isnt it like the kettlebell swing? I called it unpopular because I cant find anyone recommending this as the 'go to' glute exercise.
  4. J Cox

    Kettlebell Best All-Around Training Method Ever

    Pavel published a great article/program for A+A using C&J. I have two full weeks under my belt and started week 3 today. The early results have been noticeable, especially in strength and fat reduction. The one thing I really have enjoyed running a session and then doing some mobility work...
  5. Carl

    Bodyweight Random Acts of Distraction

    Hi all, I wrote and shared this Pavel inspired piece recently at my blog: Random Acts of Distraction (Lessons from Pavel) Hope you enjoy it. Carl
  6. Kettlebell Pavel's BJJFanatics Kettlebell DVD is on sale (10/11/21)

    Hi all, I bought this a few months ago and read through the attached PDF. I am in favor of this plan as a BJJ practitioner and I plan to do it once I finish Kettlebell STRONG phase 2. The...
  7. Other/Mixed Adding Conditioning to PT's Strength Concept

    I apologise in advance if this has already been posted on here. I searched online but could not find a direct answer. I currently follow the programming of Ross Enamait. It basically looks like this: Day 1: Strength (Maximal Strength) Day 2: Interval Running and Core Training. Day 3...
  8. Kettlebell Pavel's DVD on deep discount Under $40... worth a shout...
  9. Other/Mixed Armwrestling training

    Hello everyone , I do armwrestling and mabye you can help me with something , I've read some of Pavel Tsatsouline's books , and I don't know how to emluate the routines I learned from the books in armwrestling , mabye you can help me . I need to get stronger in pulling and pushing . I need to...
  10. Bodyweight Pull Up / Press Up Increases

    Hi Everyone, Firstly, I just want to thank everyone who has contributed to this forum, it's been such a valuable resource for me whilst I've been training and I really value all of the information that has been broadcasted. I'm currently training towards what I imagine is a rather common goal...
  11. coachnathanwhite

    Sound Check. Breakfast. Coffee.

  12. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Pavel Tsatsouline on GTG, optimal rep count and rest duration for strength

  13. Kettlebell Turkish Get up Technique Detail

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all managing to stay well and safe currently! This is my first post here and I have checked through lots of threads to see whether the question I am about to ask has been asked previously but could not see it. If it has please accept my apologies in advance, if you...
  14. Kettlebell ETK Press and snatch test ?

    Hello I have been following.the ROP program in Antony dilugio workbook for 8 weeks now (4 weeks PM and 4 weeks ROP) .. it says here to try the press and snatch test at end of 8 weeks What exactly is the test ? I tried reading it in the ETK but I am too new to training to understand the goals ...
  15. Kettlebell Rite of passage Fat loss and strength plateau

    Hello from india !! First time getting fit .. I have unfortunately reached a fat loss plateau .. have dropped from 36 percent body fat to 24 percent uptill now looking to reach 15 percent bodyfat Successfully finished the PM from ETK with a 16kg bell now doing the Rite of passage ...
  16. Other/Mixed 6 Week Hypertrophy Cycle

    Hello Everybody, I have read through this forum but I can not find any answers to the following questions with regards to the 6 Week Hypertrophy Cycle that I read on Beyond Bodybuilding. If you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate your help. Please keep in mind that my vain goal is to...
  17. Other/Mixed Beginning 5x5 Any Excel / Google Sheets?

    Hey guys, New to this all, just heard Pavel on JRE. I definitely want to implement this training. I am just sort of confused where to begin. I'd say I am an intermediate lifter. Does anyone of Excel or google sheet templates for the program? Please advise. Thanks
  18. DJR Harris

    Other/Mixed Chest expansion

    Is 'Chest expander' devices worthy ? Recently came across a book "' Chest Expander for Abounding Health and Building Better Bodies "' by Alfred Danks made me think about spending money on one of those gadgets. Although I've to confess my chest already a lot opened up after Pavel's chest opening...
  19. DJR Harris

    Other/Mixed Breathe during squat

    Could you guys please help me with how to breathe during strength squat? On ' Martial power ' video, Pavel told to breathe out when going down and breathe in when coming up,and he also mentioned this doesn't apply for strength training. As far I saw from his other kettlebell videos, breathe in...
  20. Barbell Pavel singles program amazing results !!!!!

    so hello everyone first of all i want to thank this forum for all the help you give i just tested my deadlift max today after doing pavels singles program my max before starting was 160 kg today i pulled 180 kg and failed 190 kg at almost lockout . My results could have been better but since i...
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