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  1. Bodyweight GtG placement in a mesocycle. Where is best?

    Hi all, this is my first post and I hope I put it in the right place. First off, I am a soldier and am required to pass a fitness test of high rep push ups and sit ups. I am using Grease the groove to up my number of reps for this event. I had read that GtG only works for 2-3 weeks until...
  2. PaulAtreides

    Bodyweight Questions regarding training age; Novice/Intermediate/Advanced

    Hi all, In a different post, I've stumbled upon a concept that I have so far been ignorant about: "Training age" in the context of the post, he was referring to the amount of time spent training and used that to classify a lifter as Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. So far, I've just been...
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