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  1. BillSteamshovel

    Other/Mixed Practicing S&S and EasyStrength program vs Protein Intake

    Was pondering this today - I understand that protein is required to build/repair slightly damaged muscle after the trauma of exercise. This is what makes muscles grow bigger. If Fred is "practicing" strength skills using "Strength is a Skill That You Practice" or the Easy Strength model then...
  2. Barbell Pavel singles program amazing results !!!!!

    so hello everyone first of all i want to thank this forum for all the help you give i just tested my deadlift max today after doing pavels singles program my max before starting was 160 kg today i pulled 180 kg and failed 190 kg at almost lockout . My results could have been better but since i...
  3. Other/Mixed Buteyko reduced/light breathing vs biomechanical breathing

    Hi, I know there are few fellows practicing Buteyko breathing. I've been recently introduced to the breathing reduction breathing practice (breath light for breath right). How can to connect light breathing with Hardstyle bimechanical breathing during Swings or Snatches? Do you practice...
  4. J.C.S.

    Other/Mixed Indian Club Suggestions

    Does anyone have Indian Club company suggestions? I would like to use wood rather than metal. I am looking at Revolution Clubs made in USA and of white oak (I like the Victorian models) Revolution Clubs I am also debating just trying my own as I have a buddy with a lathe and...
  5. Bauer

    Kettlebell "It's a practice session, not a workout"

    It sounds simple. And yet... The difference is huge! I tend to think that I practice. But when I practice I do more reps than is good for me or I focus on reps and weights and all those numbers. Today I woke up feeling tired and wasn't sure I should train. So I told my self: "Just practice...
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