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  1. Other/Mixed Birthday suggestions

    It’s my birthday which also coincides with the end of the year. So it’s very common for me to be thinking about new beginnings and growth/progress this time of year. Questions for the community: What are some of the most important/transformational books you have read? What have been some of...
  2. Carl in Dover

    Off-Topic GOALS....your opinions welcome!

    @Steve W. and I were just beginning to have a great discussion regarding whether to set goals or master the process of training. I didn't want to derail @Jak Nieuwenhuis thread regarding posture, but I do think it is an excellent subject for discussion. So, what's your thoughts? Right now...
  3. Football Bat

    Kettlebell S&S: Beyond the beast

    Hey for those of you who can hit the time standards with the beast and beyond how long did it take you to own your previous bells? According to my logs it took me only a few days to master the 16kg Then a couple of weeks with the 24 Then about 2 months with the 32 And I've just now started on...
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