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  1. Bauer

    Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB Recommendation: Podcast with Brad Schoenfeld on Hypertrophy

    (Also available on Spotify, etc.) I like this podcast epdisode for several reasons: - Brad Schoenfeld is clearly an expert on the field and gets enough room to express his thoughts - He speaks from experience as a former bodybuilder, strength trainer, AND experienced researcher - He comes...
  2. silveraw

    Nutrition Has science gone too far?

    Just saw this come up. This company is making whey protein using microflora so it is 100% vegan. Cool stuff IMO. These are the breakthroughs I was missing out on not listening to the Huberman Lab podcast. Caught this one in the Dr Layne Norton...
  3. BillSteamshovel

    Other/Mixed Practicing S&S and EasyStrength program vs Protein Intake

    Was pondering this today - I understand that protein is required to build/repair slightly damaged muscle after the trauma of exercise. This is what makes muscles grow bigger. If Fred is "practicing" strength skills using "Strength is a Skill That You Practice" or the Easy Strength model then...
  4. rebelshrug

    Nutrition Post Workout Recovery Shake + Protein Digestion

    Been grokking diy post-workout recovery shakes, and it seems that whey protein and dextrose are the order of the day. If I understand correctly, the dextrose helps shuttle protein and nutrients to your muscles' cells, and drinking such a concoction within 20 minutes of completing a workout will...
  5. Nutrition "Just Protein" review

    hello everyone I just wanted to share this supplement with you I've been trying different protein powders for a while now and have always been disappointed until I got this stuff.
  6. Nutrition Dale's Protein Bar Flash Sale for 27 More Hours

    Vegan Protein Bars | Protein Powders | Overnight Oats | Plant Based with free ground shipping in the US as well.. I just nabbed a couple boxes myself, 24 bars in all.
  7. Nutrition Timing of Protein Intake

    Hey everybody, been doing S&S for 3 months now. Love it. I typically have a protein drink with 40g of protein almost immediately after each training session, though about one in five times I'll have a bowl of Icelandic yogurt when I get home about 30 minutes later, which has 28g of protein...
  8. Nutrition Eating for strength and fat loss, in that priority

    Hi all, question for nutrition pros in the group. I'm thinking about adjusting my eating to lose some fat I've put on lately, but I don't want to take away from adding strength by eating too little. Last week I embarked on prep for a SFG recert (doing the full three days) after having been on a...
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