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pull ups

  1. Carl

    Bodyweight Programming Pull Ups (SF style)

    All styles of pull ups (varied grips) are my favourite exercises and a constant in my programmes. I'm wondering what people's experiences are with particular programmes for pull ups using Strong First principles. My current approach is to use variations of GTG style clusters (through the...
  2. Ian2000

    Other/Mixed Tendinitis from pull ups

    I recently have begun vigorously practicing pull ups in anticipation for possible enlistment in the Marines (3 is required to enter), I managed to do 2 with my palms facing me, however I noticed a weird pain in my forearm and eventually my elbow, I soon discovered, as this pain increased in...
  3. Bodyweight Towel/Gi pull ups plateau

    Hello, I am trying to increase the number of pull ups I can do while holding onto a gi/towel. I used the grease the groove (GTG) method for about 2 months and increased the number of these pull ups I could do from 8 to 14. However, I've been stagnant for a month with no improvement. I've tried...
  4. Carl

    Bodyweight When to end a set?

    Hi all, I'm interested in hearing thoughts and experiences of stopping most sets based on when speed starts slowing down. Is this as hard as StrongFirst recommends pushing a set outside of record attempts? My focus is higher rep bodyweight basics (chins, dips, skater squats). I come from...
  5. Carl

    Bodyweight Dan John on Pull Ups

    As with most anything Dan John I thought this: Pull Ups was an outstanding read. I'm more of a rep with bodyweight rather than add weight to my pull ups guy. However, the line on "if all you did was pull ups and swings or goblet squats you would be doing pretty well" had me nodding. Imagine...
  6. Barbell Workout Programming

    I am new to this forum, so this is like a "long time listener, first time caller" moment for me. Recently I finished an 8 week 'program' I created to begin exercising again consistently. I met my goals with this program, but I am looking for some advice moving forward. I have many goals, but I...
  7. Bodyweight Planche & One Arm Chin Up Journey

    I am documenting my 1st set of every workout on my journey to full planche and one arm chin up. I hope to have 3 one arm chin ups and a 9 second full planche by the end of 2017 and I'm posting 3 workouts every week with my progress and form improvement. I would enjoy to have an open conversation...
  8. rayyagloski

    Other/Mixed Lightest and Heaviest Beast Tamer

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew who the lightest and heaviest were to accomplish Beast Tamer status? Thanks
  9. csabour

    Bodyweight World record: 17 year old does a full pull up every 12 seconds for 24 hours!

    I don't have any words to describe this. This is motivating me today and I'm sharing it in hopes it motivates you too! Watch a Va. teenager break three world records for pull-ups - The Washington Post Edit My title is misleading. He does 7000 pull ups in 24 hours. That would be one for every...
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