1. Need some advice regarding the purchase of a heavier kettlebell

    So, I’m not entirely new to kettlebells. I did them while in high school, but only sparingly and probably with bad form in hindsight. I recently started up again. My brother had a 35 lb kettlebell that he never used, and I just started to do swings with it. Well, after about two months, and in...
  2. Wanted to Buy Kettlebell Strong Geoff Neupert

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase a copy of the Kettlebell Strong book. If you are willing to sell yours, please PM me with details/cost. I guarantee fast payment via paypal or venmo. Thanks!
  3. Imran Khan

    StrongFirst Kettlebell Shipping

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the price on the StrongFirst website for the kettlebells includes shipping? Thanks
  4. Punch Kettlebell where to purchase or alternative

    Hi All, Have a 32kg Punch kettlebell- would like to add another matching kb for doubles work. Tried to contact punch...no response are they still in business? Anyone suggest another bell that I can pair my existing with? Live in Hawaii so I know shipping will be an issue. May have to ship to...
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