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push ups

  1. Jacobcutt

    Other/Mixed Muscular Imbalance in the Shoulder

    I'm currently experiencing quite a bit of pain, discomfort and range of motion issues in my right shoulder. I am no expert, but body awareness from approximately seven years of yoga, martial arts and exercise leads me to infer this is do to a gross muscle imbalance. I spent a great deal of...
  2. workout union

    Bodyweight The Hardest Push Up

    hey there guys, how's your training? Today I want to ask you if you ever tried the 90 Degree Handstand Push Up, in my opinion is another level of pushing, it's a really complete push move and its just works on overall strenght! If you haven't tried it I really recommend you do, or starting...
  3. Mitchell Bernier

    Mitch Bernier - (Blended) Power and Bodyweight

    Hi all!!! Small intro: 37 years old, 160lbs SFL certified, former USA (Metro) boxing boxer @ 135lbs and 147lbs (53-13-1), FMS and USATF certified, CSCS in the works, Currently a marathoner 8 months yearly, the other 4-5 months powerlifter Recent injuries: About 6 months ago I tweaked my back...
  4. Tobias Wissmueller

    Bodyweight Push-Ups for Shoulder Health?

    Not sure if this actually belongs into the bodyweight forum, but let's try. If someone has shoulder pain, visits the doctor, gets injections and passed on the the physiotherapist who lets the patient do push-ups, am wondering if this is the right thing to do to strengthen and rehabilitate the...
  5. Bodyweight Calisthenics, elbow pain, questions

    I’ve been dealing with some elbows pain for some time now, I think it could be a golfer’s elbow, and I’m trying to figure out what could have gone wrong, so here are a few questions for you: 1. Is it ok for the wrists to flex at the top of the chin up (supinated grip)? I never paid much...
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