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  1. Tobias K.

    Off-Topic Experiences w/ PUSH band 2.0

    Hello, I recently read the available SF articles on using the PUSH band 2.0 in combination with SF exercises. It looks quite intriguing. I'm doing S&S for timeless simple and would like to "transition" to Strong Endurance / Q&D ~ mid next year. Because of where I live right now I have the...
  2. Brian Johnston

    Kettlebell Periodizing output scaled by movement

    So I’m scheming a way to maintain “waviness of load” while using different movements and different weights. I plan to do this by estimating the work for a given event, roughly determined by the equation: reps x mass = work Yes; I recognize this isn’t the ACTUAL equation for work. No, it...
  3. Bodyweight Structural balance

    I was wondering if doing both, horizontal and vertical pulling and pushing movements is necessary? Some coaches claim that you should balance horizontal push exercises (push up) with horizontal pull (inverted row) and vertical pull (chin ups) supplemented with vertical push (handstand push up)...
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