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  1. tlo72

    Bodyweight My 20 Potato Chips HIIT Oct 16 2019

    Activation routine - 5 10s plank, 5 10s superman fly, 20 slow lunges, 20 slow pushup, 5 min run Main routine - 5 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off hands off explosive push-up followed by high plank knee tuck My reps was 9-9-9-9-7 lost steam at the...
  2. Inaki Legorburu

    Bodyweight Combining GTG with super slow pushup

    Does such a combination make sense? With my 260 lbs my max is 10 normal pushups, so I normally grease the groove with 4 normal pushups. However when I go really slow, say 20 seconds down and 20 seconds up, then 1 rep is my max (sometimes only the negative!). Does it make sense to do the super...
  3. J Cox

    Kettlebell A case for the get up

    A truly interesting thing happened today. I have been working S&S for a month now. Today I opted to just do some ladder pushups before Easter brunch. I haven't done pushups in weeks. I've also grown proficient in my get-ups, really feeling the weight under my control overhead, especially in...
  4. Bajzath

    Bodyweight One hand tiger push up

    First probably one hand tiger push up.
  5. Bodyweight Changing ankle position during pushups

    I found this tweak for pushups a couple of days ago and tried it out. It works well. Tip: A New Strategy for Push-Ups | T Nation Make the resistance travel straight up and down by shifting your bodyweight. Begin on your tip-toes, with your shoulders slightly in front of your wrists. As you go...
  6. Todd Friedrich

    Bodyweight DD Neuro-Grips

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has experimented with DD Neuro-Grips for pushups. I'm currently doing Simple & Sinister, but was looking to add some pushup training as well. Looking for some feedback about them. Thanks
  7. Stoney

    Bodyweight My First Program Any Advice Welcome

    Hi Everyone, Let me first say how happy I am to have found this source of knowledge and this community. Here is a little information about me and my current situation. Age 35 Weight 186 Height: 5'11" Very little muscle mass Bad Mobility and Flexibility (I'm stiff and move like an old ^*#%) I...
  8. Kozushi

    Bodyweight Two Handed Pushups?

    Do the old original two handed pushups mean anything at Strongfirst? Do you guys see any value in them?
  9. Bodyweight Slow progress on pushups

    Hi, I started doing pushups in December and had to start with 3 normal pushups and then changed over to knee pushups. I progressed really fast at first, but now seem to require rest days more and more often. My basics: Male weighing 140kgs (mostly fat) and 44 years old I used to do some weight...
  10. Bodyweight One-arm One-Leg Pushup Critique

    Hi guys, I made a couple videos recently of some pushups, I'd love any kind of constructive feedback! Side view: Front view: Sorry for the quality, my cell phone doubles as my camera.
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