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  1. Eric Wilson

    Kettlebell Best spacing of light, medium, and heavy days ROP

    Recently started ROP, and was planning on doing the ladders on the following days: Monday: light Wednesday: medium Saturday: heavy I'm curious though -- is it best to have the two days of rest/variety before the heavy day, or after it? (For example, I could move the heavy day to Friday or I...
  2. Bodyweight How to start with Calisthenics ?

    Hi Guys, just a few weeks ago I started to really commit to wanting to learn everything I needed to learn to start and ultimately master Calisthenics. The first book I´ve read was Convict Conditioning and I overall really like the philosophy of it. But I didn´t feel like that it really gave me...
  3. Tobias Wissmueller

    Kettlebell Question on Breath-Timing

    In the book @Pavel writes: "As you will rapidly discover, the way to survive is to slow your breath down as much as possible, to get maximum air and to increase your rest period between each set." How to understand "as much as possible"? Through my Butekyo practice I am learning to spend...
  4. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Passive or Active Rest in strength training ?

    What do you prefer to do between sets? Passive or Active Rest ? Passive : Do nothing, seat etc Active : Walking, Stretching etc During passive rest I lose my energy to training faster than in active. What is the best option in your opinion ? Can you explain why ? What is your experience ?
  5. Brian Johnston

    Kettlebell ROP Rest and Workout Timeline

    Looking for thoughts and scientific backup on rest periods for pressing portion of ROP. With combined wisdom of bro-science, my available fitness texts, and anecdotal experience I've aimed to keep my total time for ROP to under an hour for each workout. Some of my thoughts and brief research...
  6. Other/Mixed Slow fiber protocol questions

    I've got a few questions regarding the superslow protocol from Prof. Selouyanov: 1. It's said that one can do different exercises during the rest period, but, can that exercise be done in the same manner i.e. 30-60s to failure? For example: during the upper body day, doing push ups and rows...
  7. The Nail

    Kettlebell Poetry Gold & Rest Periods

    Recently I realized I've been approaching the rest periods all wrong. This excerpt from S&S is Pure Poetic Gold. I laughed out loud and learned something in the process. "I am not going to try to convince you to do swings for five hours. I do want you to take note of the working man’s...
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