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right of passage

  1. Kettlebell Good calorific deficit for ROP

    Hello all, I'm working through the Rite of Passage program, currently doing 5x5 ladders with the 24kg on the heavy day and trying to compress the rest time whilst I get stronger at pressing the 32kg. During the holiday season, and, to be fair the run up to it also, I put on an extra 8 or 9...
  2. Kettlebell S&S and ROP

    Hey SFers. I’d like some opinions on whether I stand to notably lose progress with my current plan. Approximately 8 months ago, after a enjoying predominantly barbell training for a year or two, I decided to revisit my kettlebells and simple and sinister. I re-achieved the Simple standard, and...
  3. Kettlebell ROP Swing Advice

    Background: I'm a 26 year old male with a pretty extensive athletic background and what most here would probably consider a small to moderate amount of kettlebell experience. I'm 6'1" and 210lbs. I'm probably an intermediate barbell lifter with an approximately 265 lb benchpress and 475 pound...
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