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  1. cwheeler33

    Off-Topic Iron Cardio - discount upon discount Dec 26

    FYI to anyone interested. Today is the last day to get Iron Cardio video for 20$ At both BBJFanatics and StrongAndFit on sale for 38.50 and then you apply the Christmas coupon. Just something I couldn't refuse to purchase today, and share...
  2. LejonBrames

    Kettlebell Cap Kettlebells on sale from Thought I'd share this with anyone who might need a double of a size they have or a light mobility bell. I generally opt for higher quality(Kettlebell Kings) for my heavier 'life bells'(bells that will be used for the rest of my...
  3. Nutrition Dale's Protein Bar Flash Sale for 27 More Hours

    Vegan Protein Bars | Protein Powders | Overnight Oats | Plant Based with free ground shipping in the US as well.. I just nabbed a couple boxes myself, 24 bars in all.
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