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  1. Bodyweight [Armstrong pull up program] Training sets

    Hello, I have a question regarding Armstrong Pull Up Program. I tested my max in pull ups with result - 6 reps. So my training set it will be - 3 reps. What if on Monday I manage to do 8 reps of pull ups? Should I increase my training sets to 4 reps?
  2. Bodyweight How to start with Calisthenics ?

    Hi Guys, just a few weeks ago I started to really commit to wanting to learn everything I needed to learn to start and ultimately master Calisthenics. The first book I´ve read was Convict Conditioning and I overall really like the philosophy of it. But I didn´t feel like that it really gave me...
  3. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Passive or Active Rest in strength training ?

    What do you prefer to do between sets? Passive or Active Rest ? Passive : Do nothing, seat etc Active : Walking, Stretching etc During passive rest I lose my energy to training faster than in active. What is the best option in your opinion ? Can you explain why ? What is your experience ?
  4. Kettlebell 1 round x 1,2,3,2,1 rep - What does it really mean?

    I don't know exactly what to do here. Am I supposed to do one 1 rep, put the kettle bell down and do 2 reps put the kettle bell down, 3 reps put the kettle bell down and more of the same until one rep again? I'm nee to this any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Carl

    Bodyweight When to end a set?

    Hi all, I'm interested in hearing thoughts and experiences of stopping most sets based on when speed starts slowing down. Is this as hard as StrongFirst recommends pushing a set outside of record attempts? My focus is higher rep bodyweight basics (chins, dips, skater squats). I come from...
  6. Joshua Peping

    Kettlebell From 5 to 10 sets

    I am new to the S&S program and have read the book and am a week into the program. I am completely out of shape and haven't worked out regularly in a number of years. The last time I consistently worked out I was following the Enter the Kettlebell program. I am currently using a 25lb bell for...
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