sfg certification

  1. Axel Thoelen

    Road to SFG l Kettlebell Instructor (+ Form check)

    Hello everybody, First off I would like to thank all the people who took their time and effort to put such amazing content in this community. Before I will ask my question, I would like to introduce myself. I am Axel and I live in Belgium. - Some personal demographics: age 26, height 183 cm...
  2. Minimum age to become SFG1

    Hey guys, Just interested if anyone knows the minimum age to become SFG1 as I will be 17 when I hope to take my cert.
  3. Issue with "admin code" for SFG I cert. registration

    Good day everyone, I'm new to this forum and am trying to register to the SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification in Seattle later in 2018 - although cannot due to not having an "admin/discount code". Any assitance will be much appreciated. Cheers Sylv
  4. natewhite39

    The Conquer Podcast: Master SFG Zar Horton

    Episode 021: Kettlebells with Zar Horton of Firebellz from The Conquer Podcast
  5. Simple & Sinister quick question...

    My name is Keir I'm 44yrs old. 5 ft 7 175 pounds Muscular body type No injuries so far I haven't had a functional movement screening. I move well, but there's always room for improvement. I'm a BJJ Purple Belt under Saulo Ribeiro. My goal is to compete in the IBJF World Championships in 2016...
  6. Bobby

    SFG certification training

    hello, In my preparation for the SFG cert (March 2016), I am wondering if there's a suggested rest time between training leading up to the certification and the actual 3 day event. For example, train for 3 months and take a week off before the certification? A few days off? I planned on...
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