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  1. Other/Mixed Would two days of cardio along with Bryce Lane's 50/20 be too much exercise in a week?

    Hello all, I'm thinking of getting back to doing the 50/20 Bryce Lane program I was doing sometime ago. For those that don't know what 50/20 is, fear not: Bryce Lane 50/20 Program Twice a week I do 20 minutes of sandbag clean and press or sandbag shoulder and press. The other two days a week I...
  2. Other/Mixed How far can complexes take you in terms of strength and muscle mass?

    Hello all, For the past month or so I have been performing complexes as my only form of strength training. I do it three times a week. It involves the following: 2 rounds of sandbag: Push ups (5 reps) Zercher deadlifts (5 reps) Zercher squat (10 reps) Bearhug squats (10 reps) Clean and press...
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