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slow twitch

  1. rvaldrich

    Bodyweight Slow-Twitch Fiber Training

    So I've been 23 for almost two decades until the last six months or so and BAM!, 40 years old hit like a freight train. Wrists started aching, I wrenched my elbow-super bad trying to push a twin-sized bed (feel free to laugh, I did...after I stopped swearing), and my knees are...well, they're...
  2. Bodyweight Seluyanov protocol for grappler (BJJ/WRESTLING)

    Hello ! After reading a lot of strong first and Pavel work, I’ve been finally getting closer to find a more suitable protocol/routine to improve overall athleticism for BJJ/Wrestling practice, more particularly how to increase mitochondria density in slow twitch fibers. My goal was to increase...
  3. Selouyanov’s hypertrophy routine - my experience so far

    I just completed 3rd week of “slow twitch fiber protocol” from SF articles series and I ran into a problem. Here is my plan: Monday: squats - 30 sec x4 Tuesday: push ups - 30 sec x4 Wednesday: inverted rows - 30 sec x4 Thursday: squats - 30 sec x1 Friday: push ups - 30 sec x1 Saturday: inverted...
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