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  1. Kettlebell Sport specific conditioning

    If you train a sport that requires conditioning what is the best way to develop that conditioning? 1) Train your sport to develop conditioning and then train only strength in the gym to allow your conditioning systems to recover more optimally for sports training or 2) to train both strength...
  2. Kettlebell Alternating TGUs with the push press?

    Hey guys, I was reading this article: S&C Training for MMA With Simple & Sinister and a quote stood out to me. Once Viktor got to heavier get-ups (36 kg+), we started to alternate get-ups with push presses (Pavel Tsatsouline’s recommendation). One day we did swings and get-ups, the other day...
  3. Bobby

    Kettlebell Combining heavy weights, Kettlebells and sport specific training

    I am wondering what the best way would be to go about combining heavy weights with kettlebell training, with sport specific training. For example, I play basketball and run sprints to maintain athletic ability, more specifically, controlled movement running in a straight line, as well as...
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