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  1. Abishai

    Other/Mixed Tactical Fitness for civilian.

    Hi all, I know this topic has been covered in diff shapes and forms in previous forums but I have not gotten a clear answer here goes. What would be good fitness goals for a civilian that wants to be in military /SF shape? Im in pretty good shape now but I want to take my fitness to...
  2. Kettlebell Program minimum/maximum standards for Bent Press

    Hello. I'm just wondering about minimum/maximum benchmark standards for the bent press, comparable to Simple and Sinister standards for TGU.
  3. Boosh32

    Bodyweight Does Naked Warrior Have Standards Like ROP or S&S

    Are there task standards in Naked Warrior practice? I have searched this forum and read all of the thread titles. I did not find a standard. Quick background. I am currently in the S&S program and upon achieving the Simple standard choosing a new goal. My overall goal is GPP.
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