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strength aerobics

  1. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell “When the Russian kettlebell meets an American steak, it is a beautiful thing.” - Pavel

  2. Bodyweight Strength for Competitive 1-Mile to 10K (6.2 Mi) Runner

    Hello, StrongFirst Community! I am a currently uninjured male. I have been injured before (Achilles), but I am cleared for full physical activity (and even if I wasn't [something about contraindication]) I am currently a seventeen-year-old male who stands 5' 9.5" inches tall and weighs 145...
  3. Bodyweight Conditioning for Naked Warrior

    Hello everyone. Posted a few things in this "Body weight" forum lately. Really glad to have found a group of people who can help me with my questions regarding TNW. I am 6'1, 154 pound male. Body fat about 12% (could be wrong, that's what it looks like compared to pictures though) No injuries...
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