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strength training

  1. Other/Mixed Questions about LISS & Strength Training

    Hello, I have been wanting to develop my cardiovascular function for a while now. I feel that my cardiovascular system really isn't that great right now. Additionally, having an excellent cardiovascular system has been has always goal of mine. To my current knowledge, LISS at MAF target HR is...
  2. Other/Mixed “Easy Strength” question

    Reading ”Easy Strength” currently. Around page 40 Dan John gives an example of a warmup progression. With quite a few movements and exercises. He seems to be implying that he uses this warmup every training session? Possibly even daily? Later in the book they’d give suggestions on how to do...
  3. Squatch

    Kettlebell Program recommendations for my fun girlfriend

    Hello all! With the new year comes new goals and resolutions, and I was excited to see "get stronger" on my girlfriend's list. I became a kettlebell proselytizer when I began my practice at the beginning of covid lockdown, so naturally my immediate reaction to her 2021 goal of strength...
  4. Minimalist

    Barbell High reps are good for beginners?

    I have read most of Pavel's books about strength and I know he recommends to do more sets with reps 1-5 range to build strength. I heard from strength trainers, that beginners should train with low weights in 8-10 rep range, because they need to learn the technique. In my opinion better would...
  5. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Pavel Tsatsouline on GTG, optimal rep count and rest duration for strength

  6. Roman Kladivo

    Barbell Program Critique Needed

    Hi everyone, After more than year of dedicated kettlebell lifting, I decided to switch to barbell and slowly prepare myself for SFL. Unfortunately, I am not really experienced when it comes to barbell programming so I would gladly accept any pieces of advice I can get. But first few things...
  7. Off-Topic Using Strength, Endurance, and Steel Bending for a Good Cause

    I just wanted to share this with you. If someone asks you why you work out, tell them that the world needs more strong people!
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