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  1. YoungSaxon

    Programming Improv Heavy Kb Snatches

    I have recently gotten to 20 sets of 10 kb swings with 72lbs. This is the heaviest I have access to. I am planning to maintain my swings and keep perfect form by doing 10x10 and TGU’s like S&S (I have achieved (m)simple, @120lbs body weight) I am considering doing snatches, but not snatches for...
  2. Minimalist

    Bodyweight What do you think about warm up?

    Most of the coaches are saying about importance of warm up before training. From Pavel's old books I remember that he was not a big fan of doing warm up. I'm training everyday (GTG) so I do not do warm up and i feel good. In exercesises like weighted chin-ups risk of injury is much smaller than...
  3. Chrisdavisjr

    Kettlebell Hermann Görner's 'The Chain'

    I remember reading about German strongman Hermann Görner's Die Kette or The Chain in The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. It involves performing a snatch, press, clean and press all with the same arm on progressively heavier kettlebells. I saw this video today (some of you here are probably...
  4. Dan Cenidoza

    Kettlebell Kettlebell Training for Strongman

    Here's an article I wrote on using kettlebells to train for strongman competition. Shout out to Ollie Quinn and Ben Eisenmenger for the awesome photos! Kettlebell Training for Strongman - Baltimore Kettlebell Club
  5. DavThew

    Barbell Strongman - any competitors here?

    I've just started training strongman, which is a massive gear change from my SF training of the last few years. I'm signed up to a competition next February so I have a big run up with my training. I've got to say nothing is quite as satisfying as lifting up an atlas stone that seemed almost...
  6. DavThew

    Barbell Making a big commitment

    I have just signed up to compete in a novice strongman competition on the 24th of February 2019. This will be 10 days after my 30th birthday. I'm going to compete in the under 80kg weight class - which means in my training I cannot put on any more weight (I am currently a slightly flabby 80kg -...
  7. DavThew

    Other/Mixed Strongman, sandbags and rehab

    So I've recently had a few things happen in my lifting career. Firstly I've injured my hip, seen a physio, discussed what to do and agreed on what I can and can't do for the next month. It's not actually very restrictive, just a lot lighter than I'd like. That said I will be patient and spend...
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