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swing form

  1. Kettlebell Swing form

    Hello, I recently came across the video which showed that swing should be performed without twisting, as it was very dangerous for the back I know basic guidelines to perform the swing but I was wondering if I was doing something wrong unconsciously and was not performing correctly. Here is the...
  2. wexford

    Kettlebell S&S intro and questions

    Hi all, I'm 49. I suffered from frozen shoulder in my left shoulder April 2020 and basically it too my 1 year to get mobility back which I did with a lot of stretching and yoga at home. I started S&S last November. My first kettlebell was 12kg. That turned out to be too heavy to press for the...
  3. Abishai

    Kettlebell KB swings with Mortons toe

    Hi all, I'm new here. Im wondering if anyone has experience with KB swings with Mortons toe.(Mortons toe is when your second and third toes arre longer than your thumb toe) Im having trouble screwing my feet ito the ground leading to less balance. Thanks
  4. Kettlebell Swing form check

    Hey folks! I'm just getting back into swings after a few months of just focusing on KB deadlifts to improve stability and control after back problems prevented further swing progress (big thank you to James Sullivan for helping me out with this). How does my form look? Looks to me like I'm...

    Kettlebell 2H Swing Form Check

    Hi everyone, just started out with KB training recently and would love some critique on my form for 16 KB 2H swings. I’m very good at spotting others issues but not my own somehow, I know it won’t be perfect. Any critique is welcomed, be as harsh as you’d like, I’m here to learn. Apologies if...
  6. Kettlebell Swings & TGU Form Feedback

    Hello, I just joined the forum and was hoping to get some feedback on my swings and turkish get-ups. I started Simple & Sinister a little over 2 months ago after ordering and reading the book. Background: Prior to starting S&S I had belonged to a crossfit gym for about 3 months, going 3x a...
  7. Kettlebell Pavel Macek four part swing video must see

    I highly recommend this video for all beginners and even intermediates looking to improve their swing form. Think of the swing as having four parts, not two. It has helped me to delay my hinge for just a milisecond or two but it has resulted in an instant improvement in force generation from...
  8. Kettlebell Swing Form Check - 2 handed

    With a 32kg bell. Thanks to the forum for any feedback on my two-handed swing form!
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