tactical strength challenge

  1. TSC Training Program

    Hi everyone, Long time lurker and first time TSC entrant this Spring. My main concern is programming and was hoping for some guidance. My current thoughts are: Deadlift 1 or 2x per week Pull Ups/Dips 4x per week (Fighter Pull Up program style w/ progressive overload) Snatch 1x per week w/...
  2. Kerry Davis

    My 11yr old son would like to compete

    Hello, My 11yr old son is training for the Oct. 2017 TSC. I wasn't going to register him since he's 11, however he really wants a T-shirt. How can I get him a t-shirt? Thank you Kerry
  3. James Sjostrom

    April 23rd 2016 TSC now open.

    Register Here If you want to become better. 1. Register 2. Plan the Work 3. Work the Plan 4. Show up no matter what 5. Do your best 6. Wear your T-shirt. Fact: If your TSC improves, so does life. Its the common denominator. Let me know if I can help. :cool:
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