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  1. Eric Wilson

    Kettlebell Is Anti Glycolytic Training profitable for 400m, 800m?

    I've been reading the things Pavel and others have written about AGT, and it seems to make sense. In particular, it seems that AGT is clearly a good way to get strong, and clearly a good way to gain endurance. There are some athletes in my household, however, that will be competing in events...
  2. Bodyweight Strength for Competitive 1-Mile to 10K (6.2 Mi) Runner

    Hello, StrongFirst Community! I am a currently uninjured male. I have been injured before (Achilles), but I am cleared for full physical activity (and even if I wasn't [something about contraindication]) I am currently a seventeen-year-old male who stands 5' 9.5" inches tall and weighs 145...
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