1. Is it necessary to press

    If your training heavy snatches is it necessary to do any other pressing? I can’t think what muscles would be trained by a press that aren’t trained by the 3 TSC lifts given the snatches are heavy enough.
  2. Questions about TSC

    Apologies if these are commonly answered questions... What assistance work is recommended? Is it even necessary? How much pushing / squatting should you do to off set the pulls / hinging of the DL and pull up? Would presses/dips and front squats be good? Would weighted pull ups be a good...
  3. Kyle Kowalczuk

    Weighted pull up result post FPP

    So a post here about results of a recently completed weighted fighter pull program that got be a lifetime PR in the 1rm weighted pull up and max reps with 10kg. In preparing for my next tsc in the elite division I needed to get my weighted pull up max reps higher(10kg). After calculation...
  4. Kyle Kowalczuk

    40 workout challenge gains

    About half way through a 40 workout (easy strength) challenge created by Dan John off T nation. The daily “practice” sessions and pretty much everyday frequency has really progressed my deadlift which I’ll need for the fall tsc in which I’m entering elite. As long as you wave the loading I’ve...
  5. Marty

    Deadlift help, please...

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if I could get some help with my deadlift... First, here’s my Simple story for a little background: I’ve been deadlifting for about 6 weeks. The first video is a single at #225(initial 1RM), and the second is a triple at #175(Deload). My current 1RM is an...
  6. Education/ investment

    Hi guys, Long time lurker, first time poster so go easy on me if this has been posted elsewhere! Possibly a vague question, but I'll give it a go. In terms of investment for furthering my own career, which would you guys consider better: hiring a coach or putting the money to seminars and...
  7. Kerry Davis

    My 11yr old son would like to compete

    Hello, My 11yr old son is training for the Oct. 2017 TSC. I wasn't going to register him since he's 11, however he really wants a T-shirt. How can I get him a t-shirt? Thank you Kerry
  8. damogari

    Programming snatch for TSC

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about starting a program where I would be able to prepare for TSC while improving my double press. It would consist of these elements: Double Press twice a week (KB Strong template) Pull Ups every other day (FPP template) Snatch twice a week Deadlift once a week...
  9. josephtd8421

    TSC Training Plan October 2017

    Hey Everyone, I have not posted here in quite some time and I decided it was about time to return! I have been planning out my Road to the Fall TSC in October and wanted to share my program (Below). A lot of brilliant minds in here so take a look and tell me what you think. I have mixed "The...
  10. Aswilli4

    Any idea when all the scores will post from this weekend?

    Hello all, Just curious as to when all scores will be posted for the TSC this past weekend. I see my score is still blank. Thanks!
  11. Aswilli4

    How to approach TSC Training around injury?

    Last week I began to feel a slight *tweak or pain in my Vastus Medialis. It's minimal pain but I have felt it throughout the week while performing hinging movements (Deadlift and KB Swings). From best I can tell and tracing back my logs I have implemented 4" Defecit deadlifts (Conventional) as...
  12. TSC Protocol

    There seem to be a lot of great results with the new protocols lately. Might I suggest a 6-12 week TSC protocol? I have to imagine there would be a number of us that would volunteer to be guinea pigs.
  13. James Sjostrom

    April 23rd 2016 TSC now open.

    Register Here If you want to become better. 1. Register 2. Plan the Work 3. Work the Plan 4. Show up no matter what 5. Do your best 6. Wear your T-shirt. Fact: If your TSC improves, so does life. Its the common denominator. Let me know if I can help. :cool:
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