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turkish get ups

  1. Kettlebell Hyperextending elbow in TGU

    Hello everyone! I've seen it mentioned in Pavel's books many times that you should keep your elbow locked during the TGU, but what about people with hyperextendable elbows? Should they tense their biceps and triceps at the same time to keep the elbow neutral or fully lock out? Loading a...
  2. Kettlebell Floor Press on Get up

    Hi all, I am currently using simple and sinister 2.0 and want to progress from the 32kg to 40kg. As a way of background I have reached the simple goal a couple of times in the past (albeit it’s been a few years since then) and life got in the way so restarted for a 3rd time as it fits in time...
  3. Mitchell Bernier

    Mitch Bernier - (Blended) Power and Bodyweight

    Hi all!!! Small intro: 37 years old, 160lbs SFL certified, former USA (Metro) boxing boxer @ 135lbs and 147lbs (53-13-1), FMS and USATF certified, CSCS in the works, Currently a marathoner 8 months yearly, the other 4-5 months powerlifter Recent injuries: About 6 months ago I tweaked my back...
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