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weight loss

  1. Kettlebell Good calorific deficit for ROP

    Hello all, I'm working through the Rite of Passage program, currently doing 5x5 ladders with the 24kg on the heavy day and trying to compress the rest time whilst I get stronger at pressing the 32kg. During the holiday season, and, to be fair the run up to it also, I put on an extra 8 or 9...
  2. silveraw

    Nutrition Popular weight loss advice that probably does more harm than good

    An informative talk about how a lot of technically correct advice probably does more harm than good for long term weight loss. Rolls nicely into a couple of the other threads we have had recently about lifestyle changes for obesity from a great evidence-based source.
  3. Barbell Can I lose weight and gain strength at the same time using greasing the groove?

    As far as I know, greasing the groove focuses mainly on the neurological side of gaining strength and doesn't really break down the muscles involved in the movement. I'm looking to increase my strength on the bench (135lbs) and squat (200lbs) using greasing the groove, which I can do because I...
  4. banzaiengr

    Nutrition Food Logs

    As there is a separate category under "Diet and Nutrition" for food logs I would like to offer to all who are interested to begin keeping one. I began one a few weeks back as I tried to ease into clean eating. Now that I have started my regimented diet I'm going to try and keep it current. I...
  5. freshhugoabrantes

    Other/Mixed From PRE-OBSITY (weed, drink, vid games) to FIT in a 1,5years: HOW? The programs and my story

    Hey! With Gratitude, i wanted to share the programs that got me from: Depression, weed, drinking, vid games to FIT, sober and strong In JUST 1,5 years The programs: Mindset, lifestyle: Blog – 3 Impact Training Stronglifts 5x5: StrongLifts 5x5: The Simplest Workout To Get Stronger Elliot's...
  6. Nutrition veggi diet plan needed

    Hai to all! I m new to this forum and im a veggi. 168cm and 80kg is my H & W respectively. i dont have facility to do workouts around my living place. So my self go for a run around 4km per day. Now i need a diet idea to cut down the extra intakes. Something like which veggies are no objection...
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