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  1. rvaldrich

    Kettlebell Weighted Pull-Ups

    Do we have a recommended method of hanging kettlebells from the waist while doing tactical pull-ups? I don't own a weight belt or any plates, but I have some heavy duty nylon straps (from a redundant set of gymnastic rings). I've seen some fancy rigs on the good ol' Google search, but I never...
  2. André Martins Tauk

    Bodyweight Fail to reach 10 reps mark in gtg

    I've been doing pistol squat weightened, pull up weightened and one arm push up 6x a week using the gtg method. Every time I hit 10 reps (after doing half of the max every day, 4 to 5 series of 1 to 5 reps) I increase the weight, as Pavel teach in the gtg. I can make easy 5x5, with 2 min rest...
  3. Bodyweight Stalling after 5 weeks of the FPP

    About me: 24M around 199cm 95kg currently doing 9 reps of BW+15kg pull-ups. I started the Fighter Program at 4 reps, and have followed it to the letter, with an occasional extra day off, the start was difficult but I managed to make progress completely according to the plan. When I got to my...
  4. PaulAtreides

    Path to OHP&Pull-up the 48kg Beast and more

    Comrades, This is my first post here on Strongfirst, so I would like to share what I'm doing at the moment. I will try to update this log every 1-2 weeks. My stats on Day one 22y/o 173cm, 75kg, 15% body fat. Pull-up: ~13repMax, 3rm slightly more than 25kg at 75kg Bodyweight. Barbell OHP: 1rm...
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