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  1. J.C.S.

    Kettlebell S&S Swing Critique and TGU sub

    History of GS kettlebell lifting, and would like you good folks to critique my HS swing. My right arm is my strong (compared to STRONGER left arm) arm. Did 10x10 today, I believe this was set 9. Also, I am unable to complete TGU due to Osgood-Schlatter on my left knee. I have tried sleeves...
  2. J.C.S.

    Kettlebell Bent Press critique

    Just began playing around with this movement. Looking for any helpful tips on technique and/or how you program the bent press into your training. ***I had just finished my workout, showered, and was ready to head out the door with the wife, hence the jeans and boots*** Also, while I am...
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