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  1. Nutrition work out diet with supplements

    Hey all, I just bought a couple of dumbells and decided to start a home workout. I used to go to the gym before the pandemic, but even though gyms are still open, I prefer to give safety top priority. Before I started, I would like your advice on something that has been bugging me lately. When I...
  2. Bodyweight Planche & One Arm Chin Up Journey

    I am documenting my 1st set of every workout on my journey to full planche and one arm chin up. I hope to have 3 one arm chin ups and a 9 second full planche by the end of 2017 and I'm posting 3 workouts every week with my progress and form improvement. I would enjoy to have an open conversation...
  3. bill calhoun

    Off-Topic Singapore Competiton Training Advice....Please!

    Can y'all help? This thing by Under Armour is launching in Singapore and I want to reign at 57-years young: Test of Will | Under Armour I'm stationed in Asia (native Californian at 57-years young, with a solid dance and fitness foundation) My questions: 1. How would I optimally structure a...
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