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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Sean M, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Sean M

    Sean M Strong Member of the Forum

    “Dry Fighting Weight”: Fat Loss Through Strength | StrongFirst

    I’ve seen a couple mentions of this program recently, and just started it myself as an experiment between cycles of RoP.

    Hoping this thread can be a resource for those looking to do it, from those who have done it. Any tips, wisdom, advice from the wise?

    Tagging a few people I know of who have done it or recently expressed interest.

    Don't want to hijack another thread where it was brought up :)

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  2. Shahaf Levin

    Shahaf Levin Strong Member of the Forum

    I have no experience with Dry Fighting Weight.

    However, I did some ETK PM over a year ago and doing timed-auto-regulating practice the last 3 weeks (this was actually inspired by DFW), so I'll comment about timed sessions.

    I think one of the sometime (too often?) overlooked keys for such training is Do-Not-Count-Reps (or sets or whatever). Pavel clearly state it in ETK PM, Geoff just says he doesn't give set schemes because everybody is different, so he just vary session intensity by rep schemes.

    As I see it timed session, like ETK/DFW, are designed to keep you fresh as possible so you can be fully engaged on the lifts thus maximizing your learning opportunities/practice efficiency. Be oblivious to set count and let your recovery abilities control overall volume.

    When one start count sets on timed sessions competition mentality is lurking to take over and rush things. Check your progress as dictated by the program (if I remember correctly every 5th week in DFW) by testing RM, and not by your ability to push more volume within sessions. I really like the meditative effect of such lifting mindset.

    I personally do bent presses for 15 min so I have some vague idea of volume, but I think that 30 min of bilateral work can make one completely oblivious to volume :)
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  3. Mark Limbaga

    Mark Limbaga Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum Certified Instructor

    Go lighter than the prescribed 5rm, pace yourself
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  4. EdwinMillersfgII

    EdwinMillersfgII Still New to StrongFirst Forum Certified Instructor

    I just went through it - Only question was what does "3x3" mean on the last week. 3 sets of 3 of A+B or 9 reps of each?
  5. Sean M

    Sean M Strong Member of the Forum

    Not there yet, but I read it as 3 clean & press, 3 squat, rest, repeat 2 more times. Sort of a deload session before the test day?
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  6. Sean M

    Sean M Strong Member of the Forum

    So with the first week under my belt, a question:

    Is the ladder day supposed to be unbroken? I did it unbroken and it was the hardest of the three days (the others being sets of singles and doubles). I'm now thinking it is supposed to be 1 clean & press, 1 squat, rest (~1:1), 2 clean & press, 2 squat, rest, 3 clean & press, 3 squat rest, then right back in to 1 C&P, 1 squat, etc. I did it without rest between rungs and then rested longer between ladders...
  7. Shahaf Levin

    Shahaf Levin Strong Member of the Forum

    From the article:
    I read it as:
    1 C&P
    1 FSQ
    2 C&P
    2 FSQ
    and so on...
  8. Mark Limbaga

    Mark Limbaga Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum Certified Instructor

    This is how I did it
  9. Stefan Olsson

    Stefan Olsson Helping Make Others Stronger

    I would rest as needed but no more.
  10. Provx

    Provx Double-Digit Post Count

    How would you all proceed?

    I just completed the first day of dry fighting weight, really enjoyed it the 30 minutes flew by.

    I ordered in 2 20kgs and another 24kg bell to see which i needed to use.

    I started with the 20kgs and it felt relatively easy so I grabbed the 24s. I had no issues cleaning them and pressing them for one and two reps of the ladder, but failed on the 3rd rep of the three ladder set. Squats were no issue with the 24s.

    Should i

    1. Stick with the 20s for the entirety of the program this run through

    2. Use the 20s for a couple weeks then try the 24s again

    3. Use the 24s and keep the ladder to only two reps for now

    4. Something else?
  11. Sean M

    Sean M Strong Member of the Forum

    You should have a solid 5RM in the press. You should still get a good training effect with 6-8RM. If it were me I’d use 2x20, then return to it later (do another program between them) with 2x24.
  12. Provx

    Provx Double-Digit Post Count

    Yeah It caught me off guard because I tested the 20s and did 12 reps. The 24 is my 5 rep bell but for whatever reason i did fail on rep three in the middle of the workout.
  13. Sean M

    Sean M Strong Member of the Forum

    20kg is probably too light then. In that case, just rest more between the sets with 24.
  14. BrianCF

    BrianCF Triple-Digit Post Count

    If you can press the 24's. Rest longer. It's not supposed to be MetCon it's supposed to be strength. It's the squat that's tiring your shoulders out. Maybe superset the press and the squat to maximize rest time. This program is similar to the strength workout of Burn Extreme, which I did with 70's. In that workout, it was, first week, about 80% effort, second week 85-90 and so on. Don't blow yourself out trying to chase reps.

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