1 Arm KB Swing


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Hi All,
I was hoping we could have a video by a senior SFG instructor that outlined the basics of the 1 arm swing - for example - whats the grip, do the thumbs turn, how much should the knee bend, can their be a slight bend in your elbows, how do you brace your abs and gluten at the top - do your quads fire when you tighten your glutes.
One option might be to go see a SFG instructor - i also feel it might be helpful to have something on the sfg site as well


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We have the S & S book, and if you look at our Level I SFG requirements, you'll find a link to a video.



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The Level 1 SFG window does not demonstrate the 1 arm swing. It shows the 2 arm swing - which is the point i was trying to make, that there are lots of videos (great stuff) on the 2 arm swing, but precious little with a 1 arm swing. I do have the book - but then again given the 1 arm swing is such an integral part of testing there is limited little out there.
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