1 day kettlebell course or 1-on-1 instructor

Shawn Crespi

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I have been working simple and sinister for some time now, and started to integrate the 32 kg bell for 1 arm swings and TGUs without much issue. I am doing a medical mission in the DR now for 3 weeks, and I have been working the Naked Warrior in the absence of kettlebells.

My goal is to reach timed Simple, and then move to Quick and the Dead, and the Naked Warrior.

When I get back to my kettlebells, I am considering getting some in-person instruction, either through the 1 day kettlebell course in Boulder in March or through one-on-one instruction. I am tight on money, and my question is this: which of these two options would be the best bang for my buck?

If you recommend a private instructor, who would you recommend in the Boulder/Denver area?

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@Shawn Crespi Having attended the one day course I highly recommend it, there is so much information and practice packed into those hours I think it is definitely worth the money.

If cost is an issue, working with an SFG for one or two specific movements will not be money wasted either.

Steve Freides

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@Shawn Crespi, since you’re already experienced, my vote would go to working with an instructor, but I have no doubt you’ll benefit from either or both.

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Mark Limbaga

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Either is a worthwhile investment.

If you have a decent grasp of the basic moves, my vote is work with an SFG in person

Anna C

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I would assume a 1 on 1 interaction would be better than a class room. 100% of the focus would be on you.
This is true IF your own practice is your only objective (nothing wrong with that). But if your interest is wider, i.e. "What sorts of things do people have trouble with? What's the teaching method that works best for everyone? What are common errors and how does an instructor correct them? What variations are there in people's abilities?" etc... Then a class setting will allow more learning of that type.

One other consideration is that an SFG might put a bit more of their own spin on things, whereas a StrongFirst course has a set curriculum and teaching method.
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