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If you could pick one, and only one, exercise to include in a routine for no purpose other than vanity, what would I be?

I don't mean an exercise that serves other functional purposes that also happen to make you look good (e.g. glute exercises, ab exercises), but something that, really wouldn't much of a difference in your health or daily function, except that you'd look better.

Something you would tack-on to the end of a routine as a finisher.

What would that 1 exercise be?

Bro Mo

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Table push backs 😆

Probably upper back, something for the rear delts and traps that improves posture because nobody looks good slumped over and fills out shirts. Band pull aparts would work the triceps a little too to snug up a t-shirt.

Second thought would probably be triceps extensions of some sort.


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My vanity exercise would be patience for...buying clothes. I am patient for just about everything, but clothes...this is long, and I do not like it. It would change my "all-black" clothes then

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I pulled a calf more than once while on S&S. Calf work can be non-vanity.
I pick tricep pushdown!


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I'm struggling to think of an exercise I do that doesn't have some element of 'vanity' to it: One of the main things that drew me to oly-lifting was how cool it looks.

I don't think I do any exercises at all purely for aesthetic reasons, but a female bodybuilder I used to know taught me how to engage my glutes to make my butt 'lift up' and I practise that fairly regularly.

Inverted hangs from a pullup bar, with my head dunked in a bucket of Rogaine. That thin spot up there ain't getting any thicker...
I feel your pain; my 'thin spot' now covers the entire top of my head. Fortunately I've learned to wear my shiny dome with pride.
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