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Bodyweight 10/10 of Push-up - WTH effect.

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Nothing new to all of you StrongFirst Familly, but something I didn't expect. Here is the thing: I practice Push-ups in a 10/10 EMOM for a while, and my last RM was 36, or so, where 30 reps were completed without stop, and 6 more after 2 second pause. Today I retested Push-ups and the outcome surprised me. I did 40 non-stop reps and 10 more after a pause. So, big deal, but I sporadically did more than 10 reps. In 95% cases I perform EMOM.

Two questions:
  1. Is it the WTH Effect?
  2. Does the 10/10 fits into A+A style of training?
My goal is 100 reps, so I'm in the middle but the second part is going to be tougher. Is it worth it to follow this approach?

Benjamin Renaud

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First of all, congratulations for your results !

Usually, EMOM transfers well to endurance increase, so I think this is "normal".

As long as a method permits to get closer to the goal, we may keep it. We only have to change when we stall. 100 push ups is a great number. If I were in your shoes, I'd pick up among these strategy
- pure GTG (as described in TNW)
- working on OAP (it transfers very well to endurance)*
- Stew Smith's push up push program : PT Secrets - The Pushup Push: Double Pushups in 14 Days (FREE) - Stew Smith Fitness Ace the PFT - Preparing Americans for Military,Special Ops, Police, and Fire Fighting Professions

* I think this is a better option because from this you'll gain a significant increase in strength. Local muscular endurance will naturally come, as a [great] by product

Kind regards,

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