10 week Dead Lift Program

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by ShawnM, May 17, 2018.

  1. ShawnM

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    So while screwing around online this morning I saw that my local strongman gym here in Norfolk, VA ( Brute Strength ) is hosting a deadlift only meet on August 4th and I plan on participating. I thought of PTTP or Easy Strength as I haven't deadlifted a ton recently, however, I thought I would ask you fine people for your opinions.

    I currently weigh 240lbs but plan on hitting the 220lb class in order to 1. Losing weight takes some pressure off my knees 2. I feel like a slob.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide. Have a great day SF!!!
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  2. Steve Freides

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    If you haven't been DL'ing much in a while, I think you'll find almost any program that appeals to you will get you back into it.

    If it's an actual PL meet, check federation rules including weight classes. Some, e.g., USAPL/IPF, changed their weight classes a few years ago and there is no longer a 100 kg class.

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    @Steve Freides - Thanks. I just swung by the gym and the federation running the meet does have the 220lbs class so that's good to go. I'm now trying to sort out my training. I'm looking into a few things based of life/work.
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    In the past I've used 531 style programming to develop 8 - 12 week peaking style programs with good effect. It's an easy way to adapt a popular and effective rep/set framework to a particular goal (ie you don't have to think so hard yourself). Basic principles are:

    * divide the time available into 7-12 day mini-cycles of three workouts (for me I start at seven days and increase rest days as weights get heavier)
    * you are going to do a 3x5, 3x3 and 531 workout each mini-cycle using the relevant percentages of 531 (easy to google)
    * start by figuring out the goal weight of your final 1 rep set at the end of the program and determine weights backwards to where you will begin (so you will start easy and increase in weight to your last set) with manageable jumps in weight (I tend to use 5kg) between each mini cycle
    * often I wave by peaking and then dropping back every three of four mini-cycles (1 rep set increases by 15kg over three mini-cycles then drops by 5kg for fourth)
    * 531 is usually AMRAP on the final set of each workout but I tend to just stick to the designated reps to reduce impact on recovery due to the higher frequency of workouts on this approach

    I hope this isn't too complicated but if you look at the percentages, reps, sets of the basic 531 program it should be easy to workout.
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  6. Timothy Friel

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    @ShawnM are you looking to train singles?
  7. Antti

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    Ten weeks is a long time, so you're well set for a good lift. But at the same time, if you haven't been giving the deadlift a lot of effort lately, it's wise to spend it carefully. Aiming to lose weight at the same time makes things more challenging..

    High frequency training is of course a good option to get back in the groove. But I wouldn't do it for the whole ten weeks. In my opinion, you need to train with the heavy weights as well.

    What worked for you in the past?
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