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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Inky, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Inky

    Inky Double-Digit Post Count

    So, I thought I would try this and started it today. I think I was :
    1) Not as fit as I thought I was
    2) Too ambitious

    I believed I would be able to do the strength exercise in between the swings. But, I now know that doing clean, press squat as the strength is too much - especially with double 24kg!!! Only completed 2 rounds :(

    2H swings with 24kg.

    - 10 swings
    - 1 x strength exercise
    - 15 swings
    - 2 x strength exercise
    - 25 swings
    - 3 x strength exercise
    - 50 swings
    Repeat for a total of 5 rounds for 500 swings in total

    Moving forward, I am going to do the following:
    - next 4 workouts with just swings
    - then, 5 workouts with just double presses
    - then 5 workouts with double front squats
    - last 5 workouts with goblet squats or chin ups

    What are other peoples experience with this workout?
  2. J Petersen

    J Petersen SFG1/SFB Certified Instructor

    After successfully coaching several folks through the 10k challenge, I would recommend setting aside the programming for the time being. Focus instead on the ability to consistently perform 300 Hardstyle 2-arm swings with the 24k in 15 minutes or less as a daily task, and being able to approach each training session feeling completely recovered from the last.

    The 10k will quickly cause blisters in odd places--after the first session, you will find out where your hot spots are and will be for the month ahead (goes with the territory when regulation-sized males have to cram our mitts into that handle...). I recommend something similar to ACE waterproof sports tape. It reliably stays in place and comes off easily afterwards.
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  3. Shawn90

    Shawn90 More than 500 posts

    The 10k is a monster. I failed it but lost alot of bodyfat.
  4. WhatWouldHulkDo

    WhatWouldHulkDo More than 500 posts

    Started it, the swing volume was too much for my back pretty early into the attempt, had to abandon it. Pretty humbling.

    I still want to take another crack at it, but can't have any lingering pains before starting, I think.
  5. Inky

    Inky Double-Digit Post Count

    @J Petersen - this is the only program I am intending to run at the moment, just using strength exercises in-between the swings. I think I will be OK with what I have planned......

    @WhatWouldHulkDo - My aim is to finish it. Might have started badly, but I will go as far as I can with it. I too have some back issues, normally the snatch that does it for me. Will just have to practice that after I have done this challenge!! Good luck with the back issues, I assume you are doing the McGill stuff.
  6. Bro Mo

    Bro Mo Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I did all TGUs for the strength movement and liked it. It got repetitive but mastering the mundane always is. One week of each strength exercise seems too short duration to get much out of it.
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  7. Ryan T

    Ryan T More than 500 posts

    Just out of curiosity, do most folks that do this challenge do it two-handed?

    Love the idea of the TGU. Did you use the 24kg and just do a single or one each side between sets?

    I posted a while back how this program seemed really interesting to try for a month. Reading things like this always grab my attention, but I'm attracted to doing extreme things.
  8. Ryan T

    Ryan T More than 500 posts

    How far did you get? How much BF did you lose?
  9. Bro Mo

    Bro Mo Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    This is how I decided to do it all with the 24kg:

    5 Rounds
    10x Two-Hand Swings
    1L TGU
    1R TGU
    15x Two-Hand Swings
    1L TGU
    1R TGU
    25x Two-Hand Swings
    1L TGU
    1R TGU
    50x Two-Hand Swings
    1L TGU
    1R TGU
  10. Shawn90

    Shawn90 More than 500 posts

    10 days, 4 kg, no idea how much % that was. but i went from belly to 6pack
  11. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson Triple-Digit Post Count

    Im hoping to give this ago next yr, only started with kbs about 4 weeks ago so now where near ready at the moment
  12. Inky

    Inky Double-Digit Post Count

    In the original article, Dan John mentions he changes the strength exercise every session, rotating between presses, dips, squats and chin ups. I think the aim of the strength exercise is there for variety and to keep the muscle you have built up. Probably a better way of doing it than mine of sticking with one exercise for 5 workouts......

    I think it is meant to be a heavy bell and 2H swings
  13. Ryan T

    Ryan T More than 500 posts

    Here's what I had thought to do when I was considering it. There was a second protocol that DJ mentions which is 15-35-15-35 rep scheme. I thought that might be able to keep the power production up. I think it would have been a good way to do it. Four days a week seemed like it would be better for recovery than the 5x per week option.
    10,000 Swing challange (4 days x 5 weeks)
    : Tons of conditioning interspersed with strength work. Strength work would rotate between 8-10 RM (16 kg for me) double press, squat, TGUs and chin ups. I'm interested to see if I've got the mental fortitude to do something like this and be smart about it. Short in duration.
    Cons: Might be too extreme (for me) and training sessions can be very long. Hard to balance personal commitments and stick to the program. Would have to train fasted in the AM which might be really good for fat loss but could it impact strength gains? Although seems like there have been plenty of people that have benefited from the challenge, there is a risk to increase cortisol too much and throw hormonal balance (too much cortisol) for fat loss and muscle gain?

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