Question 16kg->24kg TGU transition difficulties - any advice?

Discussion in 'Simple and Sinister FAQ Questions' started by Chris Wilson, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson My Third Post

    Hi there,

    I'm a smaller guy (65kg) and I've got to a point where I can do 16kg TGU in less than 10 minutes and feel pretty OK at the end of it. So I need to level up. I have a 24kg bell (I'm swinging with a 16kg as the 24kg was just too much to start with). I tried for the first time today, and I could barely get it to the press position with two arms. I could just about hold it overhead, but it was pretty wobbly. I just could not move beyond that. I have thought of a few things that I might do to solve this problem and I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on these ideas or anything else to try:

    1) Get a 20kg bell
    2) Keep trying each day and hope that I'll gradually be a bit stronger each day and eventually get there
    3) See if getting my swings to 24kg helps (that would be a month or two away I suspect)
    4) Have someone assist me with parts of the movement (not an option as I train at home but mentioned for completeness)

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    @Chris Wilson, welcome to the StrongFirst forum.

    I'd give yourself a week or two to see how you adapt to the 24 kg. I remember when I first got mine, and I also a lighter guy at about 68 kg. It was a shock - after all, it's a 50% increase in weight - but I got used to it pretty quickly over the next few sessions.

    For sure, if your swing technique is solid, that's a good route to take. And if you can clean the 24 kg 1-handed, that's also a good movement to practice, just to get used to moving the thing. So your #2 gets my vote, along with your #3.

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  3. Oscar

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    This is what I would do:
    1. Post here all this info required to ask for advice: Please Read Before Posting
    2. Post a video here or work with an SFG to see if form is a limiting factor.
    3. Get the idea that weighting 65 kg is a limiting factor out of your head.
    4. Before your TGU with the 16, do 1 or 2 reps with the 24, going as far as you can comfortably. Do this once or twice a week.
    How long have you been with the 16?
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  4. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    Just to add to Steve and Oscar:

    In SnS Pavel says that you should stay with any given weight a bit longer because you will continue to get stronger with it anyway.

    As for technique: Really squeeze your pinky as this helps with shoulder stability. And pretend that your 16kg weighs 32kg and ramp up the tension accordingly. This has helped me a lot. You might try this in a GTG fashion to really practice feed forward tension.

    And maybe do your TGUs at a different time, as it is more difficult to go up in weight after a swing session - at least in my limited experience.
  5. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson My Third Post

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the great replies!

    I had my second go with the 24kg today and couldn't get anywhere on the left, but I managed to get to standing on the right. I decided to stop there than get down but that's definite progress and I'm really pleased with that!

    @Steve Freides - Great to hear from another guy on the lighter end of things, it's good to know how you felt with it and that it's not just me feeling it's a massive jump!

    @Oscar - Thanks for the advice. I'll see if I can get some time with an SFG, else I'll post something here. Thanks also for the pep talk on the weight! I've been with the 16kg for about 3 months.

    @Bauer - Thanks for the reminder on staying longer with the weight. I think I have a bit as I've been a bit scared of the 24kg! Thanks also for the technique tips, I'll give them both a go tomorrow.

    Thanks again everyone, I'll report back how I get on!

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  6. Molson

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    The simple advice is just keep going and be patient!
  7. Felix Hotz

    Felix Hotz Double-Digit Post Count

    Hey Chris, good effort. I had the same issues on my transition to the 32 kg KB. I solved the problem with Half-Get-ups with the heavier bell, Dr. Mark Cheng's and Grey Cook's Speed-Bump-TGUs (see attached videos) and Bottom Up Getups with the lighter weight.
    Have fun and be save and patient!

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  8. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson My Third Post

    @Molson Thanks! I'm now on my 4th day of trying and managed to get a little further each day. Slow and steady wins the race I guess!

    @Felix Hotz Looks really interesting, I'll give that a try. Thanks!

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