1h vs. 2h swing and diaphragm


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After doing S&S for a few years, I recently decided to try something new.
I started soju & tuba (which I will finish tomorrow and have really enjoyed) and also switched to 2h swings for a change.
I have been using the same weight and same rep scheme as with S&S (10x10), just with two hands on every session.

Seems that my diaphragm really likes powerful 2h swings.
It is noticeable especially between the swing sets, as I really try to focus on breathing slow and deep.

Has anyone noticed the same and why do you think that is? Is there a correlation between swing power and diaphragm working?

Pete L

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I’m not sure really... 😆 It’s hard to describe, but I feel like I’m able to breathe deeper and I feel it right around where the diaphram is located.
Perhaps you are generating significantly more power with your 2H swings and the breathing level is necessary to recover.
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