26kg, 28kg, 30kg?

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by phroot, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. phroot

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    For those who need an in-between weight while transitioning from 24kg to 32kg, which do you prefer? 28kg seems more commonly available, is it worth looking into 26kg or 30kg? Thanks!
  2. Anna C

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    Even a 28kg is not necessary, but can be useful.

    The ONLY reason I can think of to look at 26kg or 30kg (if you can even find them) is if you really wanted to work on your press by using a particular % of your 1RM.
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  3. Tim Randolph

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    One school of thought is that the big jumps are something to be embraced and S&S has them baked into the programming. I get the impression that bigger guys especially get a lot from not working the in-between weights, but everyone should at least try the by-the-book approach.

    Personally, 24 to 36 was just too big a jump for me. I kept it simple and split the difference with a 28. That is still about a 15% jump which gets your body’s attention, but it was a lot easier for me to handle.
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  4. Steve Freides

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  5. piratebum

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    I like the 28
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  6. Maine-ah KB

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    the 28 ive observed is a staple in many peoples training programs and for myself used to be the best size for pressing and snatching (used to be because I dislocated my shoulder, not through any amazing strength gain.)
    yeah 28 and a 36kg bells are probably the best "in between" bell sizes.
  7. WxHerk

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    To piggyback on Anna's statement, the only reason I'd consider a 2kg jump would be a percentage increase for a very specific program. Even then, I'd secure small plates or add weight to a standard kettlebell in some other way. That's a LOT of $$ you don't have to spend.
  8. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I love my 28
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  9. Tirofijo

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    I use 28s a lot and just started using a 36 (and naturally, 24s and a 32). I once made 26s by taping some plates to 24s. I wouldn't buy 26s but they were the goldilocks bell for KB Strong.

    I don't buy the argument that big jumps are somehow beneficial because you must "own" the lighter bell before you can make the jump.

    I think that's mostly made up so people get over the fact that KBs used to be hard to find in "in between" weights and because additional bells are pretty expensive.
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  10. Adam R Mundorf

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  11. Oso Rojo

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    Has anyone else tried the adjustable competition bell from KBK? I'm loving the ability to walkup the weights by 2kg increments and could do 1kg with the addition of some big washers. I know the SS system says big jumps, but as an older guy I prefer walking up the ladder of small jumps.
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  12. rwrjr

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    Another vote for the 28. Big enough jump that you can feel the difference between it and the 24 and small enough jump that you will have some confidence that you can still execute the movements.
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  13. Marc

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  14. Bro Mo

    Bro Mo Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I'll second that the only reason for small jumps is pressing. A lot can be done with large jumps in weight.
  15. John Spezzano

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    What lift is it you're transitioning from the 24 to the 32? Swing? Get Up? Press? Clean? Snatch? To be honest, the "in between" sizes bug me. For the guys, bumping up in 4k increments requires that you "own" that size before you move up and therefore it's the desirable choice for me, especially if you can already press the 24. I let my male students use in between sizes if they can't press the 24. If they can, they need to move up in 4k bumps. For the ladies, I think the in between sizes are very helpful, especially for the press and snatch.

    IMO, the 28 is a great size bell for many things: cleans, presses, snatches, renegade rows...you get the idea. I recommend you get one (or better yet, two).

    Stay strong, my friend!
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  16. captain slow

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    I would consider the 2kg jumps- 26kg, 30kg etc for doubles work only.

    I think the 28kg Kb is quite overlooked though by a lot of people. I'm 82kg so it's definitely the closest to my 30% BW for optimal power production
  17. mikhael

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    For Swings I've never used in-between weights. I just simply took 32 and swing it. At the beginning it were just few reps but I got stronger and more confident with time.
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  18. Bunn

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    I am beginning to really like my 28kg. I bought it on a whim and have found I really like the middle ground between the 24 and 32. I will be picking up another one in the next week or two so that I can start working it into some doubles work. I am currently following Q&D and on those days when I am not feeling 100% I will do a quick 18 minute session and use the 28kg for the swings vice the 24kg when I am doing the full 30 minutes.
  19. iron&flint

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    To the advocates of 28s, were these your next step up from 24s? Or did some of you get one or two despite already being proficient in single or doubles work with 32s? As a big fan of doubles I’m thinking two 28s could add lots of options.
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  20. Tirofijo

    Tirofijo More than 500 posts

    I started with a 24, jumped to a 32 when it was time to progress on Simple and Sinister, then a 20 to start ROP (which I quickly outgrew) and then a 28 when I was ready to incorporate it into ROP. (I knew 24 to 32 on the press was too big of a jump.)

    Then I paired the 20 to be able to do Kettlebell Muscle-type double KB complexes, and then paired the 24.

    And then I bought a 40kg just because. (And I got a 16kg for the wife. I don’t think she’s touched it. I’ve used it for bottoms up pressing.)

    My new gym at work has bells up to 44kg, including a 36 which I’m liking for push presses.

    I won’t say money’s no object, because it is, and typically I’m pretty cheap, but buying the bells doesn’t bother me.

    Having said that, if had to go back in time and not buy some bells, it would be the 20s. I could have used different programs with the 24s instead of dropping down to the 20s. But I really wanted to do the complexes.
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