26kg, 28kg, 30kg?


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What lift is it you're transitioning from the 24 to the 32? Swing? Get Up? Press? Clean? Snatch? To be honest, the "in between" sizes bug me. For the guys, bumping up in 4k increments requires that you "own" that size before you move up and therefore it's the desirable choice for me, especially if you can already press the 24. I let my male students use in between sizes if they can't press the 24. If they can, they need to move up in 4k bumps. For the ladies, I think the in between sizes are very helpful, especially for the press and snatch.

IMO, the 28 is a great size bell for many things: cleans, presses, snatches, renegade rows...you get the idea. I recommend you get one (or better yet, two).

Stay strong, my friend!
You are calling 2kg jumps “in between” sizes, but the old school folks consider (or used to consider) 20kg, 28kg, 36kg the “in between” sizes. In other words, 4kg jumps from the standard 16/24/32 sizes.

I agree with you and think 2kg jumps aren’t needed for the most part but I disagree with the sentiment that having just a, say, 24 and a 32 is a positive thing.

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I think I have only seen those sizes with competition kettlebells, not cast iron.
Yes, and I guess that might be another reason for them... training GS; snatch and/or C&J for competitive endurance events.

Physical Culture

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Has anyone else tried the adjustable competition bell from KBK? I'm loving the ability to walkup the weights by 2kg increments and could do 1kg with the addition of some big washers. I know the SS system says big jumps, but as an older guy I prefer walking up the ladder of small jumps.
I got one about a month ago. Now it's all I use. I wrote a review of it on my blog, linked below. It actually allows increments of 1k. I have a 1.25 lb. standard barbell plate that I can add if I want a .5 k increase, but I have not felt compelled to do that.

The review is below, but the bottom line is that it is solidly constructed with a quality handle. The concept works well. I recommend it. And no, I don't get paid to say that!

North Carolina Kettlebells: Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Competition Kettlebell

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Physical Culture, I agree with your assessment. I've been doing swings now with mine since May and I love it. I did have to do some metal work on it to smooth out the flashing on the seam. But the overall performance is great. I'm just about to max mine out for swings so I ordered a second one to keep at a lower weight for my get up. While it's a great adjustable bell, in my opinion it is not a quick change adjustment. I think my 12 to 32 kg bell may be headed to craigslist.
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