2nd Total Knee Replacement is near

Discussion in 'Masters (50+ years old)' started by wags, Jun 7, 2017.

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    Hello Masters. Two weeks from today I'm having another total knee replacement. Yesterday was my pre admission testing which went extremely well. Height/weight (6'2" 200lbs) is good for a 57yr old guy, blood pressure 118 over 78, and I do feel great other than left knee discomfort from the grinding bone on bone.

    Since January this year I've finally stuck with 4 days of Simple and Sinister goals to strengthen my body in preparation of the up coming major set back. My current swings are 100 one handed 24kg, and 5 each side 20kg get-ups. Sometimes I mix it up with two handed 100 32kg. I can do a 24kg right side TGU, but no way on left side due to bad knee. Plus my right leg is stronger and a tad larger thanks to the arthritis and minimum strength from the left knee down. But overall strength is decent I suppose. Oh, and sometimes double 16kg presses then into a squat 15x using the ladder principle if my knee starts to bother me.

    After my surgery when my walking improves and I start out patient physical therapy, I'll start adding some light swings and goblet squats. Of course all hinges on a successful no complication surgery. But my goals are set to get back "into the swing of things" per say as soon as possible. Since I'll be sitting a lot at first, I've already placed two 12kg KB's into the kitchen where I can sit on a solid oak chair and practice presses. So yes I've set goals for myself a head of time. Time heals all wounds.......

    I know I don't contribute much on the forums, but I'm here daily reading and learning which has improved me physically, mentally, and my overall well being. Thank you. My goal is to return to S&S programimg as soon as possible. Then attend a day Kettlebell Course, or hook up with SFG instructor to maximize my overall strength goals. I'll keep you posted on how well things go. Best to all!
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  2. Jan

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    @wags : Wishing you all the best for a successful operation. You've got good spirits, that is already half the battle :)
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  3. Steve Freides

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  4. Rif

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    Great luck on an easy and successful surgery. After my TKR my focus was on getting full, and pain free, knee ROM extension and flexion, being able to walk with a normal and strong gait and re patterning my basic movement patterns, particularly squatting and lunging ( bodyweight). I use the swing as the key for my strength and do bodyweight getups for all the benefits of that multi plane movement.
    I also used a lot of crawling and rocking ( OS style) to work strength and mobility at the same time

    My main advice is to focus on the really owning all the basic movement patterns of the lower body and build your base conditioning back first. Being square plumb and neutral for the first time in, I assume, ages, will change everything, Again. This time for the better
    Don't know if you've seen this but it's a lecture I gave last year on my approach to my TKR rehab
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  5. wags

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    Thanks Jan.

    I appreciate the positive input Rif. With my right knee TKR 4 years ago, like you I wanted a pain free recovery, full ROM, and back to normal pain free life. It happened. But this time getting back to my kettlebell program is a priority. Last surgery my recovery concentration was on mowing the lawn, walking my dog, riding my touring Harley Davidson, and getting back to work. That all fell into place easily, but didn't pick up a KB for almost a year due I was afraid I'd hurt myself. Not this time around, it's calling my name!

    I'm better mentally and physically prepared this time around. Same world class surgeon @ Cleveland Clinic will be doing my surgery again. So I'm in good hands. I'll be sure to ask what Stryker knee replacement they used (I know you have the Triathlon). And what my ROM is for my other knee since you asked me a while back.

    And yes, I watched your video a few months back, but I'm going to watch it again soon. Very inspirational and motivating. I'll keep this thread alive after my surgery for a swift kick in the butt when needed, and reporting my progress. Hopefully I can contribute to anyone here on this forum that's considering this procedure.
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  6. Rif

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    Yes I completely understand. Getting back to my kb practice was tops on
    My list too. I started swinging a light bell just a few weeks in and haven't stopped yet.
    I'm sure this one will go great too
    Take care !
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  7. wags

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    Rif: Sitting up in a chair now 7 hours after my total knee replacement. Plus already walked about 40yds up my hallway and back! ROM is great already according to physical therapist. Home tomorrow for full recovery.

    I asked my surgeon what Stryker implant he used, Triatholon. And my original one 4yrs ago was a Triatholon too. Must be a good one. I'm staying positive and strong.
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  8. Rif

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    great to hear! My knee is the same device, good to hear they are still using it to great success. have an easy recovery
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  9. wags

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    Thought I would check in since it's been 12 days. How do I feel? Honestly, fantastic. Biggest problem to overcome now is swelling from the left thigh down to my toes. At one point my weight was 9 pounds above where I'm usually at, and that was all fluid in my leg. I wear compression socks on both legs (surgeons orders) for about 12 hours of the day and will for three weeks to help with blood clots. Today I'm down to 4 pounds over my regular weight. So progress and swelling is going down.

    I'm tasked by my in house Physical Therapist to complete given leg exercises for mobility and strength twice a day. I've had a few almost scream moments bending at times, but my mobility is above where I should be according to my PT. He took away my walker at day 5 and now use a cane around the house and when I go out. No driving yet. And after my exercises I follow up with KB presses while sitting in my sun room on a solid oak chair. Nothing crazy, but 16kg double presses for 20x. So far so good, but no weight bearing exercises for my lower body as of yet. One more week of in house PT then I'm heading to out patient PT at my local hospital. So I'm moving along nicely, and cautiously.

    One of my exercises is almost like doing swings without the KB's. It's a squatting, hinging, keeping my back straight while I hold onto my kitchen sink counter area. So, I'm on track for swings already! Plus I've been practicing a semi squat position for up coming goblet squats once I'm allowed to start adding weights. I will not be doing TGU for sometime I know, but with goblet squats and double KB squats from the clean position I'll help get my new knee replacement strength back.
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  10. Rif

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    good to hear but I'm confused why no weight bearing? no walking? what is your flexion ROM #? is it better or the same as you went in to the surgery with? I also had TONS of foot and calf swelling, Kept me up at night a lot and massages from my wife helped immensely

    keep up the good work!
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  11. wags

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    I'm sorry for not being more specific Rif. What I meant by weight bearing was to imply using weights i.e. barbells or KB's during my lower body exercises. Yes, walking is highly encouràged and I'm very mobile and can go around my block with no issues. My ROM was 91 degrees as of Friday's session. Every day it feels as though I'm squeezing a little more motion into my workout. Thankfully I'm sleeping a full night with the swelling issue. Last TKR it took me at least 3 months before I had a good night's sleep.
  12. Rif

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    ok that makes more sense. sounds like you are on the right track! keep up the good work and heal fast
  13. LoriLifts

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    Sending speedy healing vibes your way...
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  14. wags

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    Thank you Lori. Every day at this point is better than yesterday. Update in a couple more weeks.
  15. wags

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    Today is the 3 week mark and better than yesterday. I also started my out patient PT yesterday (evaluation) and it went extremely well. Funny that I'm having the same therapist as I did 4 years ago when my right knee was replaced. The guy is good and pushes you. Range of Motion (ROM) was excellent @ 98 degrees cold turkey I might add, and went back up to 104 when my session was over.

    Then 3 hours later road trip to Cleveland Clinic for x-rays and my first visit with surgeon since surgery. My knee/leg did swell up some on the 80 minute car ride. Nothing severe, but nurse was not happy that I didn't stop every 30 minutes and stretch leg. My surgeon is just a great guy! He was extremely pleased with my healing process, ROM, and positive attitude. Go back in 8 more weeks for final follow up.

    Here is a picture of my newest X-ray. It's the Stryker Triathlon knee insert. Hopefully once my physical therapist starts me on leg exercises using weights, and have his approval I'll start throwing in some light swings and goblet squats here at home. I'm really itching to do this now, but I have a good thing going and I don't need a set back. I would love to get back to TGU. But that's out of the question for sometime I know. I'll keep you posted in a few weeks.

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  16. Rif

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    nice! I love my stryker knee, it works very very well. keep up the great work
  17. wags

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    I guess two Stryker's are better than one, huh Rif? Today is week 5 after surgery. Moving along quite nicely. I'm into my 2nd week of out patient PT and started the weight machines on Monday. ROM, and strength progress improves daily. Still have yet to try goblet squats or swings at this point. But I do double presses while sitting twice daily for upper strength. I'm definitely on the road to a solid KB start up soon.

    Only complaints is same as last knee replacement, having issues sleeping through the night. I'm not in pain, or never have been but uncomfortable is the word. Eventually I'll get my sleep pattern back. That's about it for now. Will keep you posted in a few more weeks to see where my progress is then. Everyday is better than yesterday!
  18. Rif

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    I really didn't worry about adding load on my squat/lunge pattern until I had full ( or close to it ) ROM. I did swings with the bell but I had trouble getting my full flexion so I focused on that before any weights were involved. I had tons of trouble sleeping for weeks!
    My foot and calf swole badly and my wife had to massage them at night so I could get back to sleep. I basically could only sleep 2 hours or so and then had to walk around or get massage so I could go back!

    sounds like you are way ahead !
    keep it going!
  19. wags

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    Great advice Rif on waiting to load up my weight program until my full ROM is achieved. Starting this weekend I've decided to try LIGHT swings and goblet squats. Greasing the groove or keeping my body memory on track. It will be slow and nothing aggressive, trust me.

    Yes, this sleeping situation lasted almost 3-4 months last TKR. My only swelling now is in my knee area. Looking good and healing above my expectations so soon. It was ugly and heavily swollen for about 3 1/2 weeks before it started to get back to normal. Normal will take sometime I know. I'll post in another 2-3 weeks on progress.
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  20. wags

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    I just passed the 2 month mark on my TKR. Finishing up week 5 of outpatient PT. Tomorrow another evaluation. I believe I may be kept another week. Obviously I'm becoming stronger daily, but my range of motion (ROM) is not where I'm told it should be. Currently 113 degrees whereas they want me at 120 before releasing me. We'll see.

    A few weeks ago I started swings again. Nothing crazy or aggressive, just letting my body know "hey, you used to do this!" Currently only using a two handed 20kg and 60x total every other day. No pain or discomfort in knees. As time goes on I'll increase until I've accomplished 100x. Of course I'll bump up the weight once I get back to normal. I've held back on goblet squats since my ROM needs to improve. But swings are in thankfully! Also, still double KB presses while sitting. I can safely do cleans and snatches with a 16kg KB, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

    Everyday is better than yesterday. Still fighting the sleep monster "phantom tingling" in my knee that is not painful, but irritating enough it still interrupts my sleep. But progressing along nicely and looking forward to a full recovery. Then back to full swing of things. I'll check back in in another 2-3 weeks again to see how I've progressed.
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