3 days a week or 4 days a week for beyond simple kettlebell training?

Arash Mohammady

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In the book S&S Pavel gives two options for training frequency for 40kg - 48kg. One is Monday Wednesday and Friday (Friday is the 15 min timed test for lighter bells) and the other is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I’ve tried both training frequencies and found benefits to both, 3x per week allows for more recovery and time for me to train in other things while 4x allows me to train with the 40kg more often during the week. My question is which do you prefer and why? And if you achieved sinister which do you recommend?

Steve Freides

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My question is which do you prefer and why?
If both schedules agree with you, this is a good kind of variety to have in your training, so do them both - alternate weekly or simply choose whichever fits into the rest of your life better on any given week.


Harry King

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I liked 3 times per week when I was at that level (building back up with the daily routine now). In Q+D Pavel says that lower training frequency reduces the impact of a lay off. While I don’t plan on taking breaks from KB training, unrelated injuries and sickness etc can happen. So this sounds like a good option to me. Also easier to add locomotion like running or swimming etc.
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