300 lb deadlift returns, post-surgery

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Anna C, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Anna C

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    Some of you know about my kidney donation surgery in June this year. I followed my doctor's instructions "no lifting more than 20 lb" for 6 weeks. Then, I started training again. Slow (started deadlifting 75 lb), then moderate (adding 5-10 lb per session), linear progression, bringing me into the 200 lb range for deadlift sets, along with other lifts. Then this week and last with my coach @Bill Been's guidance, some heavier singles prepping/peaking for the TSC next Saturday, where I hope to do even better than this. As you can see it's not a max effort so I think I have a heavier one in store after an easy week next week.

    This combined with a 62 mile bike ride completed a few weeks ago, says my surgery recovery is complete and it's onward and upward from here! The body's adaptation and healing capacity is amazing...

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    Awesome work @Anna C!! I know you'll rock the TSC! (Does that rhyme??)
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    That's great to hear Anna!! Hope you continue to improve!!
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    Good job!
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    super strong and smoking guns!
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