32kg Swings for Simple So What About Cleans?

Oso Rojo

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If 32kg is the definition of average for a male for 100 swings, then what is the average for a male for 100 cleans?

I need to start the journey.


Papa Georgio

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This is my opinion. Working cleans are best for :
Learning cleans
Loaded cleans for press assistance
Heavier low rep cleans
Using in complexes

I don't think cleans are great for higher reps. If you want to go beyond your swings, start snatching.

Steve Freides

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@Oso Rojo, the SFG standard is a pair of 24 kg bells. That's a good place to start and, IMHO, if it's good enough to make you an SFG, then it's good enough. :) I believe it's a pair of 24's for 5 reps as a test, so being able to do it for 8-10 reps would be good.

Being able to clean and front squat a pair that's just under your bodyweight for a rep or two is also a good goal. I remember some of my teachers at my first kettlebell cert, in 2003, commenting positively that I could clean and front squat a pair of 32 kg bells @ 67.5 kg of bodyweight. The same weight on a barbell for FSQ is significantly easier.


Oso Rojo

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Now I just have to figure out how to fit two comp bells between my knee and the kneebrace, hahahaha.

Thanks for the info!
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