4 Weeks to Flexible Steel Challenge

Pavel Macek

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Jon Engum, StrongFirst Master SFG, Flexible Steel International founder & chief instructor, last week wrote:

“Flexible Steel Challenge. This week I challenge KB5 one of the best gyms in the world to be Flexible Steel.”

Thank you for your kind words, Jon - challenge of course accepted!

FlexibleSteel drills is our basic “untie the chair” program, mandatory for all beginners, and a homework for all lifters, beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Do it.

Info about the Flexible Steel Challenge here


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Since Mr Engum has the goblet squat as part of the program, should you still do goblet squats as part of the S&S warmup?


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Since Mr Engum has the goblet squat as part of the program, should you still do goblet squats as part of the S&S warmup?
The very same question crossed my mind yesterday. I would do this this way: do S&S squat with my swing bell (32kg) as usually and do FS squat after training with lighter bell and emphasize on prying. I don't know is this a valid way. Squats are one of my favorites so for me more squats = more fun!


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Squats are part of S&S warm up. They will serve you well for hip opening and also to reinforce quads and upper body balance (ab work). They prepare very well your legs for the GUs.

I do not know if there is a "rule". After all, a warm up can be "self-designed". The only expectation is that it prepares you well.

However, it terms of weight, I would use a 20 / 24 kg because it is a weight with the one I can do both proper squats (withouth any fatigue because it is a warm up) and proper halos. I want my warm up to be a good ratio between preparing me for an effort and making me work just the minimum dose to avoid fatigue.

If you are comfortable with heavier squats as a warm up without fatigue for the proper training, then do them heavy. It would be even better as long as you recover well.

Related to FS, as@damogari said, I would go for a slightly lighter bell, to focus on technique. Plus it can be a good post training cool down.

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I already lug two bells around with me so I really don't want to bring a third one with me to do light flexible steel in the morning. I will be doing flexible steel in the morning post wake up at five am and S&S post work at five thirty pm.

Joe L

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Thanks for sharing the link Pavel, I've just started the 4 week challenge and am on day two.

For any of you who've been doing this a few weeks now, how are you finding it?

Today was my first day of arm bars, they felt a bit awkward, I'll have to dig up some more instructional videos on Youtube later and check my form.



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@Joe L : yes, arm bars can feel a bit awkward in the beginning.
I find the program is a good warming up prior to my KB work. I am midway week 4, and found the greatest flexibility gains in the lunge stretch, where I am slowly moving into a split position (not there yet though :) ).
Oh, and welcome to the forum :)


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When you refer to "untie the chair" are you referring to Mr. Engum's Escape your fighting stance program, or just his methods in general? I do escape your fighting stance 2-3 times a week and the only thing holding my back from hitting it everyday is precious time... It's a great program and very restorative in nature.
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