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  1. Suggy3001

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    Hi folks

    Just wondered if anyone had moved directly from the 40 to the 48 (mainly talking swings here, but possibly pressing as well) and what sort of numbers you were putting in with the 40 before the transition?

    From barbell experience if you were pressing the 40 for 6-8 reps you would expect to 1rm the 48, but kbs maybe work slightly different ..?

    I’m a big believer in using very heavy weights for faster body adaption so even super low reps would be ok with me.
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  2. Neuro-Bob

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    On a sample size of myself, progressing 40-48 on getups took effort but was doable. In reality it took me 9 months, by which time I was easily doing sets of 2-3 without putting the bell down, or doing high rep (20 in 30min) marathons. If price was not an issue, I estimate it would have been doable after 4-5 months.

    not there yet on swings, so can’t speak to that. I believe it is doable.

    I am sure there are much more professional, experienced answers to follow.....
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  3. Phil12

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    Well, maybe after this post anyway ;)

    I did 8kg all the way up to 48kg. There's a spectrum of swing quality from safe to a nice, crisp chest height swing; It's mainly about putting in the time and patience to let your grip strength build up. It took me about a year to the point where I could do 10 sets of 10 good one-handed swings with the 48. (I was able to swing it pretty well two-handed when I got it, but I am a reasonably heavy guy). I have used the S&S 10x10 swing format as pretty much my only swing training for years. Just moving from lighter to heavier and two-handed to one-handed.

    I was able to press and bent press the 48kg after 40kg, but mainly I think barbell pressing helped there.
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  4. damogari

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    I still have problems with 48kg swings but went directly from pressing 40kg to pressing 48kg by doing a ROP cycle with 32kg. One modification I made was switching first rungs with 32kg to 40kg on week 6.

    Its possible to do big jumps but it requires a lot more total reps on every weight level. And of course going from 40kg to 48kg is a lot harder than from 32kg to 40kg.
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  5. Marc

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    As for swings:
    Once I could do 10x10 1H-swings in 10mins with 40, I could also do 10x10 with 48 (40 bell + 8kg attached to it). But with longer rest berween sets.
  6. Suggy3001

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    Ok thanks guys - seems like it's doable, I'm under no illusion it will take a period of some months to transition. I can 10x10 2h swing the 40 so it could that with more rest the 48 could be incorporated in some fashion. Ultimate goal is to 10x10 1h the 48.
  7. pet'

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    This is not a general rule, but it seems that lighter guys progress faster on the swings than the GU. This is the reverse for the bigger guys.

    For instance, I have difficulties to jump from 32 to 40 regarding the GU. I am "obliged" to use the 36. However, 32 to 40 is relatively easier for the swings. I noticed that even if I trained both moves for the same duration. But I am more endurance oriented than strength oriented so I guess this plays a role.

    Kind regards,

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  8. somanaut

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    For me it's the other way around, TGU is easier than one hand swings. Both in quality of form and stability (I know that those two are very much intwined).
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  9. Maine-ah KB

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    I like making 4kilo jumps but I'm equally bad at swings and TGU's so does that mean I win? :rolleyes:

    There is defiantly benefits to big jumps. I like jumping in 8kilo's for warmups (with weight I know I can do) it really gets your body and mind going, but I've never been confident enough to just jump straight into a new heavy weight.
  10. Arryn Grogan

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    Swings, yes. TGU, yes. For presses, however, I am training with the 44 before I'll be able to press the 48.
  11. Suggy3001

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    Only one way to find out :)
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