500 lb Deadlift for Men - Sinister?

Is a 500 lb barbell deadlift a good equivalent of the 48 kg "Sinister?"

  • Yes,5 big wheels, 495/500 lb or 225 kg, is a Sinister barbell DL.

    Votes: 37 69.8%
  • No, 5 wheels is too heavy.

    Votes: 3 5.7%
  • No, 5 wheels is too light.

    Votes: 13 24.5%

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Bro Mo

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If anything, I feel like this thread is alluding to the next book/program. It feels like many of us really enjoy training with multiple implements. I already superset my DLs with TGUs, I see something really beneficial coming from this conversation.


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@Steve Freides
Stupid idea:
Create a thread in which we only ask for:
Age & Gender, Swing weight, GU weight and DL weight.

I know it will "exclude" those who cannot deadlift at least once to test their max...

That way, you get only "real" data.

From there, make an average by category. We recalculate this average each time you get more data to make your figures more precise.

Kind regards,

I created a quick spreadsheet where we could enter our numbers. Fill out everything but the grayed out columns: Average


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All this talk about DLs...
You guys make me want to deadlift again, but I already have another focus until next May :confused:

Btw I voted 500lbs to be a good Sinister goal, because I think ~2 years of dedicated S&S should get you to Sinister and I believe it takes the same amount of time to reach a 500lbs DL (obviously both for a newbie).


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Brilliant to see the scientist @CMarker getting data! As someone who doesn't DL regularly (but has a barbell on the wishlist) I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

Shahaf Levin

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Seems like it is time to go back to deadlifting (after about a month away from the bar) :) ... and doing weighted pull-ups

And 2.5 BW is mentioned both by Pavel and Dan John as the point of diminishing returns for athletes. So assuming a 200lbs man it seems like a good number for Sinister.


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how many on this forum have hit sinister levels?

go onto a lot of powerlifting forums and a 500lb deadlift is fairly common for u75kg competitors I feel in drug tested meets. personally feel sinister KB work is above a five plate pull


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go onto a lot of powerlifting forums and a 500lb deadlift is fairly common for u75kg competitors I feel in drug tested meets. personally feel sinister KB work is above a five plate pull
IMHO you can't compare this. For a powerlifter the DL is one of the three lifts in his sport (maybe the only lift if he specialises). Increasing your DL is a mandatory part of the sport.
It's different for Sinister. I think not many Gireviks actually chase Sinister. Most reach Simple and then switch to something different (e.g. chasing the 1/2 BW press, hitting a certain number in the snatch test, reaching Beast Tamer...)

I think you should compare the time/effort it takes to reach the specific goal and IMHO if you take a newby lifter, the time to get him to either Sinister level or a 500lbs DL is comparable.


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maybe @Kettlebelephant - im more thinking of an average guy, so someone who is circa 75kg, just wonder on a site like this how many have achieved sinister? maybe deadlifting is just generally more common but feel 75kg guys who can deadlift 500lbs arent that rare.

maybe im basing it on personal opinion too much, I've repped 500lbs but havent achieved sinister and im some way off

interesting and possibly the feats are different enough that they cant be easily compared?
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Terry McCarthy

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Here are some FUN stats on male 500 lb Deadlifters from this past TSC:

Novice Division: 7 out of 143 competitors (that registered a total) had a 500lb DL

Open Division: 12 out of 116

Elite Division: 9 out of 20

Masters Division: 0 out of 33

Totals: 28 out of 312

Please feel free to check my math on these.
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Geoff Chafe

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The percentage of people who exercise is low 14-20%, those who do any serious form of weight training 2-4%. Those who, at any body weight, can deadlift over 500lbs is minuscule. We are not talking about competitive deadlifters here. Are we?

A 10 plate deadlift is sinister strength for anyone.


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I can see where people are coming from. Maybe in my mind I've built up the sinister level based off the fact so small a number of people were listed on this site as having achieved it (one male?) and my circle of friends made up of high level bodybuilders and powerlifters has made me think that level of deadlifting is normal

Geoff Chafe

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I added to the spread sheet. I could estimate maxes, but I used real numbers. I rarely fail lifts. I have not failed a conventional deadlif, that I can remember, and rarely do singles. Also, I have never tried to strict press the 48kg bell, and I get 2-3 reps per arm with 44kg.

Not justifying, just clarifying.
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