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Kettlebell 6 week Programming Structure input please

Dave Gedye

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I'm about to finish a 6 week training cycle.
Structure was S&S based, with fixed goal of hitting Simple Standard (32kg).
Did that in 12:58.
In the process I've reached 48kg on the GU, with 5 sets of 40,48,40,40,40 singles currently my comfort zone.
Clearly a long way to go for Sinister on swings at least!

I'd like to test my snatch again, as I'm pretty confident the improved finger strength will translate well to improvement on my snatch.
I have small hands, so finger strength is always going to be the key for me to get a deep hike and requisite power into overhead.

Currently I can comfortably Snatch the 28kg about 5rpm for 16 Minutes with good form.
I'd like to build the volume up on that until I can do 100 in 10 minutes.

I'd also like to keep working on my Getup until I can do 5 sets of singles with the 48kg
Pretty sure I can get there in 6 more weeks on current projections.

I'd also like to work on my press, which is weak relatoc to my other lifts.

Was thinking alternative days of:

Day 1: Snatch+GU.
Alternating between Singles, doubles and Triples on GU. That strategy has worked well for me in the past.
Build strength, then volume/density on Snatch

Day 2: Press Ladders.

Rest Day? Guess that depends on volume

Any constructive thoughts welcome.


Move Well, Movestrong.
In my experience, I find starting a weight I can do 5L3R with then add a rung as feels appropriate.
So aim to end up at 5L5R , then up the weight.
I find working up to 5 rungs max works well for me.

I was going to shelve the swings for now, focus on the snatch.

I suppose I could do something unrelated to press on my press days (Goblet Squats etc).
Last night, I was browsing the forum and came across Pavel's Planstrong Military Press Programme:
That's another alternative to the Ladders.

I think I've just answered my own questions guys.

Any additional input appreciated, thanks.
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